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Divers Search Lake Brownwood for Richard Parker

76-year-old Richard Parker has been missing for over 2 weeks. Today law enforcement began a diving mission for Parker’s remains, but his children say they aren’t giving up hope.

“My dad was a hard worker, proud man, I think the onset of the dementia I think he was aware of what was going on and I think it frustrated him,” said Parker’s son, Richard.

Parker’s family says he seemed to have been struggling with his medical conditions which include, type 2 diabetes, dementia, and high blood pressure.

“I think he grew ever increasingly frustrated with his condition I think he had a hard time understanding it and I think that’s probably what led to Saturday evening, (his) driving off,” added his son.

Parker was last seen on April 25th, at the Mountain View Lodge area of Lake Brownwood.

Jackie Elliot says she comes to the lake twice a month, and on May 1st, she returned to her camper and was very surprised at what she saw.

“Dr Peppers that were opened and some sitting around, the bed was unmade and there was a pair of tennis shoes that from what I understand, belonged to that gentleman,” said Elliot.

Authorities believe Parker may have spent at least one night in Elliot’s camper, since the shoes match the description his family had given.

“I was really angry when I came down and found out that somebody had used our camper without our knowledge and now I feel really bad about that because I had no idea,” added Elliot.

A crew of over 40 people searched the waters and grounds for several hours, but were unable to find any sign of Parker.

“At this time we’ve not found anything,” said Brown County Sheriff, Bobby Grubbs. “And of course we’ve got cadaver dogs out here looking at this time also trying to work off of scents.”

Parker’s family says they’re incredibly grateful for the efforts made by law enforcement and also for the support they’ve received from the community.

“There is still that possibility that he’s out there somewhere. We still don’t want folks to turn off their radars and if they see something that they think might be able to help us whether it’s someone in Abilene or someone that has information, please continue to report that to the authorities,” said Parker’s son, Richard.

Anyone with information about Parker’s whereabouts should contact the Brown County Sheriff’s Office at (325) 646-5510.

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