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The Memorial Day weekend found many north Lake Brownwood residents without water. Subdivisions of Thunderbird Bay, Harbor Point and Tamarack Mountain all suffered through the weekend without the luxury of running water.

North Lake Volunteer Fire Department distributed water to residents by transporting water in their fire trucks to fill bathtubs, sinks and toilets for residents to have enough water for simple necessities. They also distributed much needed bottled water for drinking to the residents provided by emergency services throughout the outage.

Residents were kept in the dark about what the exact problem was. Phone calls to the Thunderbird Bay Water Systems were not being returned from the local office according to residents. Several stories of when the water would be restored were circulating between the residents. One resident stated that the water treatment guy had quit about 4-5 months ago and since then they had been advised to boil their water before consuming it. “This isn’t the first time, it usually happens on a holiday weekend, when the usage is up, “ she said. “You pay your bill and then don’t have water.”

Another resident said they were hoping it was just a pump problem that could be fixed once the part came in.

While investigating the incident, Brownwood News called the listed number for the Thunderbird Bay Water Systems and was connected to a message, “The wireless customer you are calling is not available, please try your call again.”

To many resident’s relief, approximately 9:30am Wednesday, water was in the process of being restored to the area. A Texas Commission on Environmental Quality representative was on scene checking on the situation. They are advising that residents should boil water before use. The water pressure should increase and is expected to be fully restored by Thursday.

Although it has been hot and difficult to live in this area, one resident requested, “Please give a big thank you to the North Lake Fire Department who has been there for the residents 24-7 and furnished water to anyone, even carrying the water to residents.”

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