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The Executive Director of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in Austin signed an emergency order on Friday removing the manager of the Thunderbird Bay Water System.

Brown County Emergency Management Coordinator Brent Bush said that manager Charles Shram has been removed as water system manager.

“A temporary management company has been appointed to operate the system for 180 days after which time a judge will determine who will take it over on a permanent basis,” Bush said.

Bush said that representatives of the temporary management group and TCEQ met at the lake site on Saturday to begin the changeover process and to do an initial inspection of the water system facility. TCEQ is expected to release more information on the changeover next week.

Bush also said that as of Saturday morning, it appears that water is flowing to the homes at the north lake areas at normal pressure. Although water is flowing, the quality is not good and residents are under a boil water order. They hope that the quality will improve as water continues to flow through the system.

Many residents of the subdivisions lost all water service on May 30th. Emergency water supplies have been provided to the area by the North Lake Volunteer Fire Department and many volunteers.

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